Ledpro High Power floodlights in Amsterdam port.

Our High-Power Floodlights in service at the cranes of the Amsterdam Harbor. Due to the many options they can be used as simple deck light with 200W Floodlights or used lighting up the working area with 600 - 1200W units.

Crane Floodlight013   Crane Floodlight006

Crane Floodlight004   Crane Floodlight003

150 200W           180W            400W op mast         250W 400W

New futuristic gas stations equipped with Neon-Flex series-4

IMG 20170607 WA0005

IMG 20170607 WA0006

Project Bicycle and pedestrian bridge in Geleen Sittard

Gerealiseerd door Hoeflake Infratechniek.

Inground Parkinggarage Katwijk aan Zee, Building of the year

The state of the art new Parking garage build in the dunes at Katwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands has equipped all entrances with Ledpro Series-3 Neon-Flex to create both a sense of security as well as contrast with the surrounding dark area in the middle of the dunes.

Avia chooses for LED Neon-Flex 230V with premounted connectors

Zuiderstrand Theater in The Hague equipped with dynamic LED lighting

Just before the dark season the Zuiderstrand Theatre in The Hague has been equipped with dynamic and interactive LED lighting. The large smooth walls are illuminated by a changing and moving color pattern thus creating a fascinating lightshow at the edge of the dunes and the Scheveningen harbour.

35 LED RGB Washers each with 35 * 3W RGB LED in different angles is sufficient to create a wonderful illuminated building. 

Zuiderstrand collage

Fastned automotive charging stations now equipped with Neon-Flex series-3

The Fastned charging stations have now been equipped with our LED Neon-Flex 3-series. Apart from the obvious cist saving we could also realise a very remarkable lighting effect at night. Thus ensuring both effective and attractive lighting of the stations.


Hoorn Fastned R

To avoid possible lakage at the connector or endcap side of those companies only working with this product now and then we strongly advise the usage of our fully integrated IP68 power connector. In this case there will a full worry free installation.


LED panels for high ceilings

In case of any high ceiling you might consider to use our 72 Watt series. This series, next to the 40W and 50W, offers high quality LED panels which are completely dimmable in various ways. 0-10V, Dali or several other ways. This series will offer you a high quality panel at very competitive prices.

DSC 0851


GoldSouk now fully operational.

The new Gold shop is now fully equipped with Neon-Flex SMD series-3 Flat lines. Together with the Installation company, the Architects and the Project management this project has been successfully installed.

The Neon-Flex series-3 lines have been partly installed in the floor. The IK08 classification of this product allows walking over the sealed lines without damaging them.

In combination with a custom made DMX controlled LED Starry Sky in the black painted GoldSouk this creates a very special lighting effect.

HB3-series available.

Equipped with Meanwell drivers, Philips 3030-20LED, a high durable housing and with an IP65 rating, this new High Bay 3 series will be one of our leading products in illuminating many large buidlings and spaces.

For more information, click here


Ledpro bridge lighting fully operational on longest pedestrian and bikers bridge in Belgium

Bruggen Belgie collage

After a long and intensive period of design and production all 2500 fixtures have been mounted in the handrail on the longest pedestrian and bikers bridge in Belgium. The result speaks for itself. If you want to know more about this project please do not hesitate to contact our office through our e-mail address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       

LED panels with active dimming

LED panels with dynamic dimming function. Several of our customers are now using our dimmable LED panels in combination with a light sensor to achieve the best combination of low energy cost and constant lighting. Depending on the external lighting the panels will dim up and down as per requirement.

LED Panelen tekst

Parkinggarage with Ledpro T8 tubes

Realized with T8 tubes, 150cm, Milky version in 6000K.


Price breakthrough LED T8 Tubes

This month we have special offer in LED Tubes.
We will only do this kind of special pricing for very stable and proven products.

So for this month we offer our T8 tubes in milky or clear cover and in Warm and Daylight White.

On request 4000K can also be delivered.


T8 LED Tube:

€ 13,50 nett


T8 LED Tube:

€ 18,95 nett

The a.m. prices apply at a minimum quantity of 50 tubes.

From 10 – 50 pieces the following prices apply: € 14,50 and € 19,95.

VAT not included. Prices apply till 15 Februart 2014. Delivery between 1-6 weeks depending on stock status.

Amsterdam Light Festival opened.


The Amsterdam Light Festival started its 2013 - 2014 activities Friday December 6. A lot of artist will expose their Light Designs from December 6 till January 19 2014.

Also this year we could support the work of Light designer Tamar Frank (http://www.lightspace.org) in decorating the Amsterdam Canals.

Neon-Flex - 3 series Full SMD


RGB spots on the Crown Plaza Hotel

SDR has finished the project of RGB spots on the Crown Plaza Hotel in the center of Amsterdam. Installing 19 spots with a narrow beam angle resulted in a highly decorative and colorful hotel. The minimum beam angle of only 15 degrees and the control by means of an IOS App on the mobile phone made this project quite special. Now colors and effects can be easily controlled by the responsible people.

Either within the range of the own Wifi or any other place in the world.


collage crown hotel r

Met dank aan SDR voor de realisatie.


Realisation Pink Neon-Flex project

We like to show you the end result of the use of a special color Neon-Flex as being used in the Art Project, Call of the Mall in Utrecht / The Netherlands.

Pink Neon-Flex.

A color you won't see so often in Neon-Flex is pink. So to see a larger project being realized in Pink is even special to us. Even after selling Neon-Flex for over 10 years.

We hope to show you the end result of this interesting project soon In the meantime we like to share some pictures and details with you.

pink neon-flex

NF-240V-Pink Pink 240V 12X27 3FT/0.9144m 80 5.3W 400LM
NF-240V-Purple Purple 240V 12X27 3FT/0.9144m 80 5.3W 360LM

An other special color in Neon-Flex is purple. But we will save this for some other time.


More than 2000 Lumen for the new DLD29W Downlight.

Our series of Downlights have been expanded with the new DLD series. From a small 7 Watt Downlight to the 29 Watt high Lumen downlight.With the use of the latest SMD5630 this downlight provides over 2000 Lumen in combination wit a highly efficient warmth control providing reliability for many years.Together with the highly efficient driver a warrant of three years can be given.

This downlight is very suitable for the use in office buildings, public areas, retirement homes and many other places..

In addition a highly auto-switch power backup can be provided to ensure 100% Lumen output for over 70 minute after power failure. Or, if preferred, 40% Lumen output for an even longer period of time.

Please let us inform you about the details of this product line.

If you like to see the whole series, click here.


Safety lighting now also available with sensor technology

Available with Microwave sensor function for detection purposes. This is the best way to save energy / cost. Use our highly efficient SMD LED as well as automatic shutdown when not in use.

The fixtures are very easy to mount, connect straight to the power circuit and are shock and waterproof. Next to the standard version in each size an even higher Lumen version is being sold for those situations a very high level of light is required. However it should be noted that the standard version is more than sufficient to cover 95% of all required applications.

If necessary the unit can also be equipped with a Power back-up function. This ensures a standard light level for at least one hour. The very durable 3528SMD together with the ABS housing guarantees a long life in all sorts of environments. 

Shops, Offices and Showrooms

Our new High Bay 2 with its transparent reflector is a very versatile product. The High Bay comes with either Philips or LG LED combined with a very high quality driver thus assuring a long and worry free period of continuous light.

Hanging is very simple and the High Bay can be directly plugged into the 220V system. This makes installations and/or replacement of old type product extremely easy. It comes in both warm white as well as daylight white LED color with around 7000Lm. This level of Lumen assures a well lit working environment. Ordered via the website this product comes with an additional 10% discount.



Arena serie now launched

Together with the Gallery serie we have launched the Arena serie. Made of Aluminium the Areana serie produces are very gentle and even light. It is available in 12W - 122mm, 18W - 185mm and in 24W - 237mm. All types can be delivered in Black and White painted finish.

For more information, look here.

application scene

COB LED now also available in 5 Watt.

Next to the 6W and the 9W we now also introduce the 5W COB LED in the standard size of 52,5 * 50MM. This product will therefore fit in any fixture now holding a standard halogen light and still produces a high amount of Lumen in a very warm color.
This product will allow even halogen being used in private homes to be replaced with LED without cooling down the environment.


cob mr16 spotlight

GU10 MR16 spotGU10 MR16 spotGU10 MR16 spot GU10 MR16 spot

The first real 50 Watt Halogen replacement in 6W and 9W LED

Though often promoted there has never been a real 50 Watt Halogen replacement by any LED lamp. Till now.

The Lumen level, the dimmability level land the real Halogen wam white has never been substituted so closely as with the Ledpro 9W (and 6W) COB Led lamp.

To be used in office and home with your original dimmer. You will be astonished.

Also available dimmable!!




LED T8 replacement

Do you still think you have to change all the fixtures if you want to use a LED T8 instead of a traditional T8?  You are wrong. Remove the old tube, remove the starter and turn in the LED T8 and it will work just fine. As of its first minute it will save energy. With a Powerfactor close to 0,98 this one of our most effective products.

Want to save more money in newly build houses or offices. Use our special LED T8 Fixtures without ballast and other energy consuming parts.




*NEW* Ultra Flat downlight. Only 14 mm thin!

Available in Warm White and Daylight White. By using the last generation of LED's with high durability, a higher light output is retrieved than by using a traditional downlighter. The 30cm Ultra Flat has an output up to 1350LM! This in combination with being ultra low recessed makes this Downlight a sensational product! The wide 120° beam angle makes it low on energy and gives it a decorative and functional use. The Ultra Flat Downlight is also dimmable.


Ultra Thin



New series of High Bay High Power LED industrial lighting

Very suitable for use in Production Halls, Warehouses, Shopping streets, Schools, Large Public buildings, etc. The Lumen may go as high as 20.000Lm for one single unit. This means that this product can be hung on heights varying between 5 and 15 meters and still producing workable lighting conditions at floor level.


For more information, please go to our products page or CLICK HERE