Series-3 Flat SMD Neon-Flex 230V Warm White

Unieke code: SMD-NFF-230V-WW
3 year guarantee
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SMD Neon-Flex combines long lasting quality and high performance based on the proven SMD5050 with high performance.

Features: Neon Light with Flat Surface, Ultra Bright (around 350lm/M) with Excellent Light Uniformity
1. High efficient 5050SMD LEDs as light source
2. First-class eco-friendly & UV-resistant PVC materials
3. High bright NEON lighting effect, even and uniform light without LED spots
4. Ideal Flat Surface available for concealed installation aligning to mounting surface
5. Exceptional long length, continuously extends up to 20m by BOTH ENDS power input
6. Favorable flexibility, bendable to minimum 12cm diameter
7. Environmental friendly and energy saving
8. Long lifetime: > 30,000hours
9. Easy to use: Can be cut and easy to reconnect and install (connector accessories available)
10. Protection Rating IP68 - can be used under water.
(All joints and connectors must be hermetically sealed to achieve IP68)

SMD White Series-DC240V(Monochrome), SMD 5050, PVC-Ivory White, DC240V, 12W, 60LEDs, 1.67cm, 6LEDs / 10cm, - G,B,W, WW, - IP68



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